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Five Tips On Purchasing A CCTV System For Your Home Or Business

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During the pandemic, with offices shut because of various curfews and restrictions, companies had their staff getting as much of their work as they could from home. Additionally, there were many other changes in the ways they got through their work. People were making changes to their homes so they could continue working remotely and would need a room in the house out of which they could work.

One of the most common requirements started becoming the CCTV system. People were unsure about the future and wanted to make sure they were foolproof. There are many types of cameras and they all come with their technology and requirements. We tell all our clients to talk to a professional before they get started on using one of them. We created a list of a few steps to allow people to understand their needs and requirements before they pick a CCTV system. Here are some of the steps that they can follow. 

Tip #1: A proper quote requires a site visit
To receive a proper quote on the installation of any camera system will require a site visit. Without a site visit, the quote will be open to extra charges for things not included. Always have the security company come to your location to give you a quote. A quote without going to the location and checking everything in person will most likely cost you more in the long run.

Tip #2: A proper camera installation will require the cameras to be wired
Each camera will require a wire to be run to a location in the house or business where an NVR device will be located. Companies will need to run a Cat5 or Cat6 type cable. So the company has to figure out how to get the wire to each camera. Once this is done, they will need to get another wire from the NVR to your Internet Hub. So use this information before you start looking to have a camera system installed. Is wiring a concern? Wiring is the key and could be the most expensive part of your security quote.

Tip #3: There are three types of camera systems you can purchase
The three types of camera systems are hardwired, WIFI, or Wireless. A Wireless System would be the easiest to install and set up, but it will use batteries. A lot of batteries. You also have a climate adjustment here in Canada. Batteries in our cold climate will not last. They freeze. Also, cameras need to send a lot of info or Band Width to the Cloud or an NVR device at the location. Again this will use your battery life quickly. The wireless systems out there are a lot of work for you, the customer, with the changing of batteries which is not recommended to be installed for anyone wishing to have a camera system for more than six months. This system uses 1080P technology.

Then we have a WIFI system. The WIFI system relies on two things. Each camera will require an AC power source to operate, so wires still need to be run to each camera and the strength of your WIFI signal in your home or business. We install Nest WIFI camera systems that require AC power. We installed the Nest Doorbell unit with about 99% success. These units work well with any existing doorbell unit. The cameras also work well, but you need to have an AC outlet close and you must use WIFI to the Cloud. For someone that just wants one or two cameras, this could be an option to look at. If you have a few cameras, each will have its own app, and if you want to store data or video, you will need to use the Cloud. This can get expensive each month if you store a lot of videos. This system uses 1080P or HD technology.

The final option that you can consider is a wired one. A Wire System is the type of system we recommend. It will require wires to run to each device. A good company will detail your parts individually, so you are not getting a kit system. This system will last you for many years of operation and is available in 4MP and 8MP, or 4K technology.

Tip #4: Don’t invest in camera kits
Camera Kits, which are camera systems you can purchase at Costco, Best Buy, or a local hardware box store. These kits are mass-produced every year in the hundreds of thousands. To the handyman or someone looking for a cheap CCTV system, this is the way to go. The issue with these systems is that annually these companies make a new Kit. And the parts for these Kits are not interchangeable. So if you lose a camera at some point, you most likely will not be able to replace it. Additionally, if your NVR or recording device stops working, that will be the end of your system. We do not install Kit systems, nor recommend a Kit system for any home or business. We install Commercial Grade Systems to provide you with many years of worry-free operation.

Tip #5: You get what you pay for
So I have tried to give you some information on CCTV systems. However, the most important part with CCTV systems is that you get what you pay for. Cheap systems are just that and will not last much longer than any warranty from the Kit. Security Companies that install these KIT systems will usually be a few hundred to a thousand dollars or less expensive than a quality CCTV system installation. (Depending on the size of the system.) You need to check the parts that are used. Even major companies that manufacture CCTV systems make Kits. It is a market that is there to sell to. Price driven. Cameras today are usually 4MP or 8MP technology. We do not recommend anything less in a Hard Wired system.

So always get a written quote from someone who has seen your location. Always get a wired system. Always compare the product against the product, part numbers, and the installation warranty. Ask for referrals for the type of system they would have installed for you.

And remember that these Box Stores that sell these kits also have cameras watching you and their customers in their stores. These stores do not use KIT cameras. They use Commercial Grade Camera Systems installed by a professional CCTV installer.

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