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Employee Spotlight: Johnny Waddell

Author: CSI Security | | Categories: Access Control System , Alarm Monitoring Services , Security Alarm System


Meet Johnny Waddell, a.k.a. Johnny, who is a service and installation technician at Colonnade Security Inc. Johnny started his career with us eleven years ago and has a bright future ahead.

It’s tough to put into words Johnny’s importance, but the reason I’m featuring him on the blog this month is to showcase my appreciation for his efforts. Johnny has quite the reputation amongst employees who know him as well as among our clients.

What makes Johnny unique is that first of all, he is my son, and I couldn’t run Colonnade Security Inc. (CSI) without him! Johnny has worked hard to learn every part of this business. He has taken courses on all the Alarm Panels, Camera Systems, and Access Control Systems we sell and service. He has also learned a lot from on-site customer installations with these products. I am sure he feels confident now in any installation or service issue he is given to do every day.

Johnny is very easygoing and takes the time to meet and understand every customer he deals with. If they have an issue that needs to be repaired or a particular design is required for an installation, he works with the customer to achieve it.

CSI sometimes helps out some other security companies with issues they have. They would not ask for Johnny’s help if he could not do it. So there have been many times that we have gone out to service customers from other companies to help them with their service and installation issues. One thing is for sure they continue to call us for his assistance. He treats them all as if they were his customer and makes sure they receive attention to detail.

He invariably goes the extra mile every day, takes the initiative, and makes Colonnade Security Inc. look good.

Like just the other day, I had a customer with a smoke detector issue. These things always seem to happen just as someone is about to go to sleep or in the middle of the night. The customer contacted us, and we were able to get the system working again for them over the phone, with a follow-up service call the following day. Johnny was there first thing, 08:00 am, to meet the customer. She was really concerned as she wanted her smoke detectors working. He took the time to check out the smoke detector device and did some service work. He then checked all the other smoke alarms she had and did a system test on each. He understood her concerns and wanted to assure her that all the smoke detectors in her home were working correctly before he left. The customer called me later that day to tell me how much she appreciated him. He was so understanding of her fear of false alarms and took the time to explain what the issue was and what he had to do to repair it. He also verified her call list while he was there, and as it turned out, it needed to be updated. She was so happy with the detail of service he did for her that she just wanted me to know. These types of calls from customers are a weekly thing for us because of Johnny! He loves his job and our customers, and it’s easy to see they appreciated him and his efforts at each call he does.

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