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Wireless Security Systems made by Interlogix

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Do you have or do you know someone that has a security system made by Interlogix? Interlogix was a world leader in security products and wireless devices. Unfortunately, they shut down their security alarm product line in 2019. Many customers are unaware of this situation until a service issue arises, and then they are told they need to upgrade their entire alarm system to a new product line.

In 2019, Interlogix, a systems provider of alarm security solutions for the residential and commercial segments, announced it would close its businesses in the U.S. and Canada after a “thorough portfolio review” of its security business. The company decided to focus its energies on growth opportunities for its Fire Product division and shut down all its security alarm businesses.

Interlogix did this with little notice to many alarm companies that installed this product line. Many home and business owners with an Interlogix security system can no longer get parts for their system with service issues. This is especially bad for any customers with Interlogix wireless products. Many feel they have been abandoned and left with the possibility of changing all their wireless alarm parts to a new product line.

When a manufacturer or supplier decides to vacate a market, close their business, relocate, or choose not to support an older model or system. This situation presents many unknown challenges for an end user. Questions arise:

  • Do I need to replace my $$$ alarm security system?
  • Who will maintain my equipment - me?
  • What if a component breaks or needs replacing? Who can I turn to?
  • I own an Interlogix wireless alarm security system; what now?

At Colonnade Security, we offer innovative solutions. We have a security product line that will work with your Interlogix security parts. You will require to upgrade the main panel, but all your wireless components or devices will adapt to the new system. And when or if a wireless device fails or needs replacement, you can change that one item and the rest of your Interlogix devices will continue to work as they always did before. We’ll work with you to resolve technical issues and provide customer support related to your security services promptly. Our technical staff are here to assist you in having your security system working again with new technology.

With a simple upgrade, your system will continue to work for many years to come.

Always remember, in life, change is inevitable; businesses change, as does technology. Embrace the change and look for the opportunities to bring your alarm security system up to date with 5G - Let’s talk!

At Colonnade Security Inc., we do not lease or rent alarm security systems. If you are considering a finance option, we are here for you. With over 40 years of security experience, give Colonnade Security Inc. in Ottawa a try. For more information, you can call 613-839-1274 or email



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