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How This New Security Systems Trend Could Benefit You

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Over the past few years, many Telco companies have increased their service rates. So, for customers to have a basic phone line service it will cost about $80.00 per month or more. 

As an alternative, Telco companies offer VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), a new service to help lower costs to the consumers. It will set you back about half of what you are currently paying the Telco Company each month for your phone line service. 

The new service will provide you with no long-distance rates, and all calls across Canada are included in the package. As a further bonus, it might even include calls to the USA. The offer is half of what you are now paying each month and there are no long-distance service rates. Sounds great!

The only problem is that the VOIP service does not work with an alarm system, as most of these devices use standard Telco Lines, which are called Copper Pair Lines. 

Therefore, when you change to the VOIP service, your alarm system will not be able to communicate with the monitoring station. It means that you have cut off the means of sending signals. 

Unfortunately, the Telco companies don’t explain this issue as they are simply interested in selling you a new feature to help cut your phone costs. They may have even sold you an internet package which provides further savings.

However, while you have saved money with the Telco Company, you will need to spend more on your security system. While you may feel disgruntled with the situation, please do not get upset with your security company, as they will be the only ones who can provide options to fix the issue.

Consequently, your security company will offer a cellular service that will cost you about $15.00 extra per month on top of your present monitoring rate. The investment is worth the money as it will provide you with better protection for your security system. 

The security firm will also fit a cellular transmitter device, which, once installed, will ensure that no phones need to get cut. 

Your system will now be cellular, which is a much better and secure way to transmit your alarm system signals. You will also be saving on the overall total cost for both these services than you were paying before. 

Once you understand how the cellular service works, it opens up your system to other smart home security options on the market. It consists of an App service, which will allow you to control your security system from your smart device (cell phone, tablet, or computer.) 

As you enter this interactive world of control, you will discover other options like door locks, thermostats, lighting control, garage doors, to name just a few smart devices available at your fingertips. 

So, just when your standard phone services are ending, these new cellular and internet control systems will help you to control much more in your home or business. As a result, your security system will require additional devices installed to take advantage. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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