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Customer Sunset Clause letter

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Dear Customer,

You may or may not be aware of the changes coming to cellular services in Canada in the coming months. The cellular industry is changing to a new technology. They are calling this change “The Sunset Clause”. They will be introducing the new faster 5G Technology Network. As they phase in this new technology, old technology will be phased out (sunsetting), hence “The Sunset Clause”. As such Rogers has announced and informed us that 2G technology will be shut down in Canada between year-end 2020 and July 1st of next year, 2021.

If your existing cellular security device is 2G technology, CSI will be coming out to your location to upgrade to a new LTE GSM device. The new cellular transmitter will be required to continue cellular service for your security system. Just like upgrading a cellular phone or laptop to new technology, there will be a cost associated with this. Our normal cost of the upgrade LTE GSM unit is $350.00 plus our installation time. To help with these upgrade costs, CSI will be installing the new units for $175.00 each and there will be no installation fee. We feel that sharing the cost to upgrade our customers’ systems is more than fair, as we have no control on the new technology coming to the cellular market and we want to continue to have you secure in your Home or Business.

We will be replacing the cellular units with a new LTE GSM that will work on 4G and 5G networks. This new LTE GSM unit will work for many years to come. We expect more upgrades to cellular networks in the years to come as networks continue to change, as faster and more technology evolves, but 4G and 5G will be here for at least the next 5 to 10 years and this LTE GSM is the best cellular transmitter on the market today.

As another option when we come to your location we will offer you other New Security Technology that may interest you. We could also upgrade you to our App System or Smart Home System. This would allow you to operate your system from any smart device. It is also on a cellular system for transmission and can use the Internet as a back up. It is extremely fast for transmissions to the station. It will notify you of all events as they happen to your email or text account. It also has other options like controlling lights, door locks, thermostats, door bell and other devices. Some other equipment will need to be added to operate these devices but you can add them over time.

Thanks for your understanding with this necessary upgrade to be completed before July 1st, 2021 to continue wireless cellular transmissions with your security system. As for any and all 2G devices, the cellular industry will be shutting down the 2G network. Again they call it the Sunset Clause.

We will be in touch with you in the coming months to set up an appointment for the upgrade. If your system happens to require a service call before we make an appointment for the upgrade, we will install the new LTE GSM unit at the same time to save us from going back a second time. 

CSI is always working with all our customers to provide the latest technology in our security systems. Your security is our top priority.

Simple, Safe, Secure

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at


Carl Waddell
Colonnade Security Inc.


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